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The Future of Lighting – Control & Automation

Posted on by Daniel Ellis

The energy saving benefits of LED lamps and lighting have long been known; from reducing lighting bills to lower lamp failures. However, there are many other ways in which the lighting system at your home, office, shop, restaurant or other commercial premises can be more energy efficient even without adopting the use of LED lighting. … Continue reading

Good Lighting At Work – More Important Than You Think

Posted on by Daniel Ellis

From ergonomic chairs to sufficient break times, there are a number of steps employers can – and in some cases are legally required – to take in order to ensure their staff body remains motivated, healthy and comfortable. These are crucial for both increasing productivity and raising moral, however another important factor which is rarely … Continue reading

A Lighting Revolution in NHS Healthcare

Posted on by Daniel Ellis

We recently teamed up with TM Resource Ltd, providing them with professional help and advice, and in return they’ve helped us secure some very significant and prestigious projects working with the NHS. Mile End Hospital Our first project, and the closet to our hearts, is Mile End Hospital in the East End of London. We’ve … Continue reading

Welcome To The LED Blog

Posted on by Daniel Ellis

Welcome to the new advice and information blog from the leading LED lighting and installation company! Here at London Electrical Design, we specialise in finding cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for your lighting systems and, thanks to our years of experience and the wealth of knowledge we have built, you can be sure that … Continue reading