Fit & Forget Warranty

Our Fit & Forget warranty offers you unrivalled customer service and true cost saving piece of mind.

This is how it works

We London Electric Design Ltd replace the lamps (bulbs) within your current light fittings, this is called Retrofit. London Electric Design will only ever use the highest quality LED lamps which enables us to provide you with an amazing service on every lamp (bulb) we supply and install. You will receive our Fit & Forget warranty as standard. This means for five years the lamp (bulb) becomes our responsibility and in the unlikely event it becomes faulty and fails we will replace the lamp (bulb) completely free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

Simply - Sustainable

Each lamp (bulb) carries its own specific warranty. The lamp (bulb) will carry a warranty for five (5) years from date of install. It maybe replaced as many times as necessary by London Electric Design Ltd within that five (5) year period but will not be a rolling warranty. Therefore it will stop and cease five (5) years after the approved warranty date. A warranty certificate will be submitted once the install has been completed and final invoice paid.

This certificate will be required for you to enable a warranty claim against London Electric Design Ltd in regards to the LED lamps (bulbs). London Electric Design Ltd will only warranty the lamp (bulb) installed. The light fitting, the transformer, the lamp holder, the retaining spring and any associated wiring are exempt from our Fit & Forget warranty and will remain the responsibility of the client.

If we are asked to warranty a lamp (bulb) and it is found that the lamp (bulb) is in working order, a charge may apply. Lastly we want to reassure you that we have your thoughts and service commitments at the heart of all we do. We want you to be happy, proud and confident that you have made a good choice in using London Electric Design. Together we can make a positive step into a lighting revolution whilst making dramatic savings in more ways than one.

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  • At a time of your choice, we will visit your premises & conduct the free light survey
  • The survey involves assessing your existing bulbs & discussing your lit environment
  • We will suggest LED alternatives if appropriate
  • You'll receive a FREE savings plan detailing the expected energy & cost savings

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Fit & Forget Warranty