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We now offer

LED Finance Packages

from £20,000 to
£20 million
in finance on all eligible projects!

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We offer a complete package when it comes to choosing the right LED lighting and installation service. This involves good, trustworthy advice on lighting design, a try before you buy option, in addition to a complete Fit & Forget package where we'll install your new bulbs, recycle your old bulbs and provide you with a 5 year warranty, with on going support should you ever need it. What's not to like about that?

We now offer a new way to benefit from our amazing LED light range and services...

Save & Pay

The new way to get the upgraded LED lighting you want and need, but you only pay from the savings that our lighting provides you with, amazing…


Fancy A FREE Site Survey?

  • At a time of your choice, we will visit your premises & conduct the free light survey
  • The survey involves assessing your existing bulbs & discussing your lit environment
  • We will suggest LED alternatives if appropriate
  • You'll receive a FREE savings plan detailing the expected energy & cost savings

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Cost Saving LEDs

  • Once we've installed our LED lamps, savings will be made straight away – with up to a 90% reduction on your current lighting costs!
  • Changing just ten of your current lamps to our LED solution will result in savings of up to £250 per year.. Try our cost calculator to see the real savings.
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Energy Efficient LEDs

  • Our LED lighting solutions are a cost effective alternative to high energy consuming light bulbs. We’ll replace your current bulbs with our energy efficient LED bulbs that we know are 'Green & Good.'
  • We think green and we believe we can help make a huge difference through small changes with our energy efficient LED bulbs
  • For every bulb we install we can help reduce your CO2 output by up to 250kg per year
  • Check out our CO2 cost calculator and see what we’re doing together to help the environment. Now imagine the difference if we all made the change to LED…
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Long Life LEDs

  • By choosing our LED light bulbs, you will save on maintenance costs.
  • Our lamps on average last 25X longer than standard halogens
  • You will enjoy peace of mind and great savings for longer with our 5 year warranty*
  • LED lighting lasts longer, 'Fit & Forget'…
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